We present you with trusted brokers who can provide you with first class service and have excellent pledged and margin benefits. As many broker have issues recently, we have tried a few and will provide you with the best service according to your needs.


Many say trading is gambling. We say it is a game with a edge. We teach people to find the edge and invest properly. We have 3 different levels of coaching depending upon your knowledge in the field. Click to find more


The risk of crashes are always there in stock market. But the risks can be minimum if the trade is implemented with a strategy. Usually done with futures and options. To learn more about risk reduction click on the link below.


When a portfolio designed, it must have a lot of contingencies to divert the risk of any fall or sudden crashes. It varies depending on the age of the investor, risk capabilities and amount invested. When people complete all my training courses, they will have the knowledge to create and design their own portfolio.